Copy That!

Copy That!

from 300.00

Full-service copywriting services for your digital business.  You've read my website's copy + you fucking love it.  It sold you from the first moment you landed on U|U's homepage.  Whatever your niche, I can make your copy sparkle, bring you more customers than you ever dreamed + capture all those people you are losing from poorly crafted web copy.  Customized based on needs.

Copy Me

My copy caught your attention, copy?  Copy That!  I'm ready to rebuild your copy from scratch + make your competitors drool from the rock solid copy.  Copy That Services include:

  • Sales copy that sells, BITCHES
  • Landing page copy that captures new customers + holds their interest 
  • Website content that is fresh + unique to your niche 
  • SEO + Google RankBrain-based copy to boost website's Google ranking
  • Meaningful blog content based on the above which boosts: social, reach + sales
  • Social media copy with proven follower boost - includes social media post strategy + profile descriptions
  • E-mail marketing copy with high click rates - basic to full-scale: newsletter titles + advice to copy for all e-newsletters

*All services customized based on your needs.  Cost determined based on individual customization.