Digital Lifestyle Consultation

Digital Lifestyle Consultation

un·tied - to be freed from something that binds or restrains
un·ti·tled - free from title or name; not confined to labels or rules

Have you ever considered GOING DIGITAL, but were held back by fear?  You aren't alone.  Read on....I can help.


We all think that freedom from our 9-5 job (aka "Big Work") + the daily routine is utopia, but 99% of us are 99% content to live out our the remainder of our time on earth in the safe nest called home, in our community, with our family + friends by our side.  No one will blame you if you remain in that 99%, close this website + continue on with your satisfactory life.  

If you are part of the rare 1% who believe in the paradigm shift to an independent workforce, I welcome you to the Untied # Untitled community + vision.

Independent workforce - when workers set their own hours, work load + have unlimited earning potential.  Effects of working independently include: greater innovation, self-evolution, a more meaningful, independent life, higher potential wages + more purposeful lifestyle.


  • 53 million (34%) Americans are freelance, independent, UNTITLED workers
  • By 2020 independent workers will represent 40% of the US workforce
  • Remote working rose 79% between 2005 and 2012 alone
  • A major shift in careers is happening now, with more than 20 million Americans working less than 20 hrs/week for “non-economic reasons” — working part-time out of choice
  • Millennials (comprising 30% of the above group) have abandoned the traditional career path that their parents chose, in order to pursue their own passions, such nonprofit advocacy or travel
  • Large corporations + start-ups are re-prioritizing + hiring the most talented workers regardless of location, the "freelance unicorns," rather than deal with poor performers + turnover
  • And guess what? This workforce is adding $715 billion annually to the economy through their freelance work

Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of thriving freelancers + digital lifestylers?