Influencer Superstar Coaching

Influencer Superstar Coaching


Grow your influence, gain recognition + followers + ultimately secure big brand sponsorships [and a big payday] as the next hottest influencer in your industry.  We will work closely together in one-on-one, customized consulting sessions as I coach you every step of the way to build your personal brand.  This is the ultimate influencer coaching from Zahara, influencer marketing expert who has worked with + some of the most popular influencers in the world.

World Watch Out

Influencer Consulting Sessions include:

  • Expert branding | re-branding appraisal 
  • Strategic branding advice
  • Revolutionary strategies to reach a bigger [but more honed] target audience 
  • Social media marketing overhaul
  • Setting up short + long-term digital marketing strategy
  • Solidifying a strategic long-term personal brand vision that can ultimately draw the highest pay 
  • Re-evaluating current brand | influencer agency contracts