Zahara Jade

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Zahara Jade, M.A.

Influencer Marketing Expert

  • Content Manager, writer + expert for all things influencer-based, HireInfluence, Top Influencer Marketing Agency  
  • Close collaboration with top influencers (10k-3M followers) 
  • Mastered influencer + brand needs 
  • Coaching expert influencers on growing their influence
  • One of Quora's Top 10 "Most Viewed Influencer Marketing Writers"

Social Media Guru


Content Creator | Manager 

  • Personally interviewed a couple dozen social media celebritied, top influencers, + up-and-coming celebrities.  
  • Write 6 expert articles/ week on HireInfluence Blog The Wire about:
    • Influencer Marketing [both the influencer + brand perspectives] 
    • Social Media + Digital Marketing for influencers + brands
    • Growing your influence [for influencers]
    • Blogging for influencers
    • Setting up your influencer business from start to finish
    • Monetizing your digital business/ blog
  • Contributing Writer for

Master's Degree, Clinical Psychology, 2001

  • Deep understanding of human interactions; our primal needs as they interface with ever-increasing societal demands + how to design a life that allows individuals to flow in a zen mind-state, live with purpose, + find meaning every single day - not in a fleeting moment. 

Branding + Marketing Expert

  • Branded + re-branded my company, ZAHARA JADE, while working as a digital nomad overseas (Thailand, Bali, India, Vietnam)
  • Branding + marketing strategy for ZAHARA JADE led to celebrity connections, wholesale partnerships + successful creation of sustainable, global jewelry brand
  • Savvy execution of marketing for solopreneurs + small-to-mid-size companies
  • Branding expertise includes (but not limited to): Company name, logo, web design, cohesive branding strategy, content alignment
  • Marketing expertise includes (but not limited to):
    • Sales, web, + social media copy
    • Effectively executing full-scale marketing strategy for small, mid-size, + large companies
    • Content creation 
    • Collaborative partnership agreements
    • Influencer marketing techniques
    • Social media strategy